Environmental Filmmaking – Interview with Mark Leisher, Co-Founder of Media4Green

A photo of Mark Leisher, Media4Green co-founder and filmmaker in the DMV and Washington DC Area.

From owning a car detailing business in California, to filmmaker and environmental media leader.

Mark Leisher, co-founder of Media4Green, fell in love with cinematography during a snowboarding expedition, but it was subsequent trips around the world to countries like Ethiopia and Haiti that the desire to use his filmmaking skills for cultural betterment and the environment was born.

After years of creating content for brands and corporate companies with his original media company, Mark Leisher Productions, Mark wanted to branch off into the sustainability field. He met Dave Feldman, a social entrepreneur, while a part of a sustainability business incubator called Bethesda Green, and together they formed the idea of creating a media company focused on stories of social growth and sustainability. That was how Media4Green was born.

Photo of Mark of Mark Leisher Productions and Media4Green in Antarctica a part of Climate Force with Robert and Barney Swan. Interview with Mark abount environmental filmmaking.

From helping establish the Reel Water Film Festival to his latest expedition to Antarctica to film a documentary about battling climate change, Mark has taken part in a lot of the sustainability focused movements in the Washington DC area and abroad.To celebrate the 46th annual Earth Day, we wanted to chat with Mark about his experience in green media and how he got started in filmmaking.

Today, April 22nd, marks the 46th Earth Day since its inception in 1970. For those who don’t already know, a big part of MLP’s mission is environmental filmmaking. We were in the business incubator at Bethesda Green and still work with them to promote their mission; we’ve worked with Montgomery County and DC’s Departments of Environment, and Mark recently went on a sustainability mission to Antarctica. But how does a career and a business like this get its start? Earlier this week I sat down with Mark and we talked about how he got interested in filmmaking, what brought him into the environmental fold, and where he’ll be focusing his energy next.

Read this great in-depth interview by Susanna Parker over at Mark Leisher Productions.

Photo banner of Mark Leisher in Antarctica for an interview about how Mark became involved in environmental filmmaking and awareness.


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