Back from the EMA Awards!

Mark and Dave stroll the green carpet. Lance Bass pictured on bottom left and Jaden Smith on bottom right.
Mark and Dave stroll the green carpet and see the likes of Lance Bass and Jaden Smith.

Media 4 Green’s co-founders and environmental content producers, Mark Leisher and Dave Feldman, rolled up to the “green carpet” in Burbank, California to attend the 26th Environmental Media Association (EMA) Awards at Warner Bros Studios last week. The EMA Awards is the only function that is dedicated to the celebration of the entertainment industry’s environmental endeavors, and has been since its emergence in 1991. The Awards were sponsored by Toyota, Lexus and Calvert Investments, and hosted by Nicole Richie.

Mark and Dave were guests of Calvert Investments at this star-studded event that annually pays tribute to those in the entertainment industry who share a passion and enthusiasm for the health and well-being of our planet. Calvert Investments is the global leader in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). With the accompaniment of their truly innovative methods, they are a trailblazer in environmentally conscious investing. With Calvert’s support, Co-founder Mark will soon be embarking on an expedition to Antarctica, with an extraordinary team, to capture high-quality content of the breathtaking scenery that the territory provides. The aim of this production will be to develop a film that internationally stimulates environmentally responsible innovators and leaders by showcasing Antarctica’s extreme and unique beauty. At the EMA Awards, Co-Founders Mark and Dave met with many like-minded earth-lovers and socially responsible media enthusiasts.

The EMA Awards honored Jaden Smith (Male EMA Futures Award), Shailene Woodley (Female EMA Futures Award), Moby (EMA Missions in Music Award), Robyn O’Brien (EMA Green Parent Award), and the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) (EMA Corporate Responsibility Award Presented by Calvert Investments). Maroon 5 was on the Board of Directors for this special awards ceremony and so many more. With their extra-important-person media press passes around their neck, Mark and Dave got some great footage of the night and were able to nab an interview with a special individual. Stay tuned for videos to follow!


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