Passing the Frozen Torch: Robert Swan and his Mission.

Photo of Robert Swan and IAE 80 South expeditions to Antarctica. Here, he helps guests up mountains.

The Climate is more important than ever and one of its greatest champions is readying to pass the “frozen” torch to his son. Robert Swan OBE was the first person to have walked to both North and South Poles. It impacted him so much that he has dedicated his life to the conservation of Antarctica and the advancing sustainability to combat the effects of climate change. He’s making sure others, particularly the younger generation, does as well. He is an internationally distinguished speaker, a leader in energy ingenuity and founder of the 2041 Foundation, an international non-profit that develops personal leadership capabilities for people who embrace the challenge of sustaining all forms of life – in their families, communities, organizations, and the planet.

Committing to his dream at the age of 11, Robert has built a 50-year vocation to preserve Antarctica. He has led expeditions of future leaders and shared his extensive knowledge about our collective ecological plights and innovative solutions to address them. Robert’s son, Barney, has been accompanied Robert on these expeditions in recent years and has proven to possess the same relentless spirit, love and concern for the environment, and leadership that his father has. Robert hopes to pass the “frozen” torch to Barney over the duration of the next few polar expeditions.

Media 4 Green Co-Founder Mark Leisher was invited by Robert Swan OBE to go on the expedition this past March. He was inspired by Robert, the leadership of other participants and the beauty of Antarctica. With his partner, Dave Feldman, they decided to make a film.

Mark will be joining Robert, Barney, and a team of international front runners on the next expedition IAE 80 South in December 2016 where they will be working with NASA and renewable energy representatives worldwide to probe state-of-the-art equipment and technologies in the harsh conditions of Antarctica. They will be testing these technologies in advance to the 2017 South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC), when Robert and Barney will survive entirely on renewable energies on their 600-mile walk to the South Pole from Union Glacier.

On the upcoming expedition, Mark will film the incredible beauty Antarctica has to offer and the stories of those involved on the expedition. Mark will be shooting in 4K video and using the new Go Pro Karma Drone System to capture never before seen footage of Antarctica. He is working closely with partner and sponsor, Calvert Investments, who is supporting Robert and the 2041 Foundation on this expedition. Calvert Investments is encouraging a sustainable future for the world, including the renewable energies that promote such.


In anticipation of the upcoming expedition at the end of the month, Co-Founders Mark and Dave Feldman spent some time with Robert’s son, Barney, in California when they attended the Environmental Media Association (EMA) Awards in Burbank. Barney, Dave and Mark hiked up the mountains by Lake Tahoe just before sunset to interview Barney. With an incredible backdrop, Barney talks about his hopes and aspirations, and the dynamic he has with his father on expeditions.

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