First Look: IAE 80º South Antarctica Expedition

Photo of Antarctica snow carving for the 2016 IAE 80º South Expedition to Antarctica photographed and filmed by Mark Leisher of Media4Green and sponsored by Calvert Investments.

The IAE 80º South Expedition has Finished!

Return from Antarctica

After a week long expedition to Antarctica exploring and testing renewable energy technology, the IAE 80º South team has returned. Robert and Barney Swan of 2041 ClimateForce, who will embark on a 600-mile journey from base camp to the South Pole in 2017 using this technology to survive the journey, are convinced the technology will be ready to take them the distance in 2017. It will take time to gather all of the research and findings but Ciara, a team member of Siemens and the expedition, had this to say:

“We are now pulling together all the data and reviewing the results which are looking very positive. So positive that Rob Swan said to us that he’s 100% confident that the technology will be ready for his 600 miles South Pole Expedition in November of 2017

Mark has returned stateside with a mountain of footage and photos to sift through from Antarctica and the IAE 80º South expedition. In the coming weeks as the research teams from Shell, Siemens, Nasa, and more gather data from the solar, wind, and bio fuel technology tested, Media4Green will be sharing scenes and stories from Antarctica. From life in Union Glacier Base Camp, preparations and daily excursions, and the research teams testing out the renewable tech, we are eager to show you this groundbreaking expedition. For now, here are the first images from Mark on the IAE 80º South.

Photo of Union Glacier Antarctica basecamp sign. Photo taken by Mark Leisher of Media4Green.

Union Glacier Camp, where ALE (Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions) calls home, sits on a natural occurring blue-ice runway that allows the expedition and research teams to land in Antarctica.

Photo of a twin engine Russian passenger plane and supplies on the Antarctic glacier. Photo taken by Mark Leisher of Media4Green for the IAE 80º South Expedition sponsored by Calvert Investments.

The Basler BT-67 is one of the ways the team explored the frozen continent, and to see this unique landscape and environment from a birds-eye view. It also assists in transporting supplies to and from locations, given that all supplies used in Antarctica need to also be removed.

Photo of the inside of a meeting tent in Antarctica with the IAE 80º South Antarctica Expedition team. Photo taken by Mark Leisher of Media4Green.

The Sustainability Tent by Mountain Hardware made for a perfect meeting area and headquarters to talk about the tech initiatives and discuss daily mission plans and helped protect the team from the harsh Antarctic climate.

Landscape photo of Antarctica and jagged mountain ranged in the distance for the IAE 80º South Expedition. Photo taken by Mark Leisher of Media4Green.

Majestic and jagged peaks all around the Antarctic landscape. It’s called the land of snow and ice, and the continent of Antarctica is one massive ice sheet over 2,000 meters thick, and sometimes ranging to 4,000 meters.

Photo of man wearing a Shell Corp flag while skiing in Antarctica apart of the IAE 80º South Expedition. Photo taken by Mark Leisher of Medis4Green.

Vivek, head of clean energy initiatives for Shell, stands before the vast snow and ice covered landscape of Antarctica. Shell, along with Nasa, Siemens, and other energy and technology companies are using Antarctica as a testing ground for renewables to see how they perform in one of the world’s harshest environments.

Photo of team members of IAE 80º South Expedition holding a Calvert Investments flag. Photo taken by Mark Leisher of Media4Green.

Robert and Barney Swan, father and son duo that will hiking 600 miles to the South Pole surviving on only renewable technology, found a natural partner and sponsor with Calvert Investments. Calvert supports organizations taking on problems that span international borders include climate change, demand for natural resources, and social inequities.

Photo of the team from Antarctic Logistics Expedition and IAE 80 South ski trekking through Antarctica with jagged mountain ranges in the distance and endless snow cover.

The IAE 80º South team on a ski trek across an ice and snow covered plane in Antarctica. The expedition and research teams would go on daily excursions around Antarctica to put the renewable technology to test in different scenarios.


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