The Great Potomac River

& Great Falls National Park


…this feeling like, can life get any better than this?

Media4Green presents the a feature for the Great Potomac River near Washington DC, a 405 mile river that flows along the mid-atlantic coast and to the Chesapeake Bay. The Potomac River and Great Falls National Park splits Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia and is nicknamed “The Nation’s River” for being an integral part of the an area rich with the beginnings of American history. This video was produced to showcase the Potomac River and Great Falls, the incredible beauty and nature of the river, what locals are doing to preserve it, and why you should take part.

The video features Jason Beakes, professional kayaker, president of Active Nature, and an individual who is passionate about the Potomac River. He and other kayakers, hikers, and enthusiasts are attempting to set up a Potomac River festival in hopes of attracting paddlesport professionals from across the globe to complete.

Adventure should, and will become, a part of DC’s broader culture.



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