How To Be A Champion In The Water War


What is the most important resource on our planet, and one that many people don’t have easy access to?

Water — vital to the survival of our planet as well as the human race.

Walk For Water is the biggest walkathon in India and over a million citizens, politicians, and students are going to participate. This civil society group is dedicated to the cause of providing safe and clean water access to everyone.

“Time has come to actually act rather than talk about water. You need to take that pledge to save water, in whatever way you want.”

With such an important mission at hand, Media4Green has joined forces with Walk For Water as an official sponsor, as well as 2041 and the Climate Reality Project in India and Nepal. Thanks to their amazing efforts, Walk For Water has already helped save over 1233.4 million liters of water.

Why is World Water Day Important?

Water is a precious commodity, and it is often taken for granted how easy we can crack open a bottle of purified ice-cold water on a hot day. But all over the world, people suffer from a lack of accessible clean water, leading to thousands of deaths and illnesses from health issues related to contaminated water.

The goal of Walk For Water is to start a “Blue Revolution” with thousands of World Water Day events across the globe. This revolution starts with a personal pledge to conserve water usage.

Recently, Mark of Media4Green interviewed Walk For Water Coordinator Pradeep Karuturi during the 2041 expedition to Antarctica. In his interview, he discusses the issues that lead to a huge water scarcity in India, and how over a million Indians have joined together to walk on March 22 and pledge to conserve water.

Pradeep Karuturi Coordinator for Walk for Water

Karuturi’s mission is truly a powerful one, where in India 50% of people can not afford clean and safe drinking water, and is a message many have heard and begun to support. Walk For Water and Karuturi are not alone in trying to protect people from unsafe water and scarcity.

Media4Green has been involved in helping with the world’s water issues for the past 5 years. Mark Leisher & Dave Feldman founded the Reel Water Film Festival and raised over $40,000 to help water projects in the Philippines which is why this hits home. 

Will you join them?

National Geographic has released a feature documentary that investigates the greed and shadiness behind the water crisis in California. As covered in “Water & Power: A California Heist”, privatization often leads to winners and losers in the water war.

In 2010, The United Nations acknowledged that clean drinking water is the foundation of civilization. Unfortunately, this basic human right and necessity is not even a reality to millions of people around the world.

This isn’t just a problem in other countries. 

In the United States, 40 out of 50 states now or will experience water insecurity in the next 10 years. Drought-stricken regions, like California and Montana, are preparing for dramatic drops in water levels. Rising sea-levels will affect coastal states across the east coast like Florida and even our home state of Maryland leading to less access to fresh water.

Everyone needs clean and easy to access water, and water conservation beginning with each of us will be a huge leap toward this goal.

Karuturi is spreading conservation awareness by coordinating an event like Walk For Water, and he is not the only one who is making a difference. You can make a difference.

What You Can Do

  1. Join the Blue Revolution and Make A Pledge to prevent water waste and contamination.
  2. Post a photo with the water pledge on social media.
  3. Make a video supporting the cause.
  4. Organize a Walk For Water in your community.



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