Agriculture in the DC Metro Area: Maryland’s Agricultural Reserve


It’s a rarity for a very highly populated urban environment to have 90,000 acres of open terrain where … we can see what the future holds in that

In 2011, Mark Leisher Productions produced a promotional video and supplied all the content for a 30-minute documentary that takes us inside the Montgomery County, Maryland Agricultural Reserve. This farmland reserve has been hailed as a major success in it’s mission. Washington Metropolitan area residents are receiving huge benefits from the government program.

agricultural reserve hay field

The Agricultural Reserve has 93,000 acres of farmland and open space designated for farmers, agriculture, and more. At a glance, Agriculture and urban life don’t seem to go hand in hand. But in Montgomery County, the reserve is only 20 minutes away from the White House.

The farmland was set aside to preserve rural space in the county, protect the environment, and provide for the community in many ways. The reserve aims to support local farms, advocate for sustainable agriculture and preserve the rural way of life.

There are many supporters, contributors, and donors to this program. One of the biggest advocates and supporters is the Montgomery Countryside Alliance.

The greatest thing about being in the Reserve is that there is a really fantastic coalition of people, led by the Montgomery Countryside Alliance, who have dedicated their lives to being here in the community.

Agricultural Reserve Shot


The Agricultural Reserve benefits the local community by providing a clean and healthy environment. This includes providing local produce and farm products, which can be found in markets, grocery stores, and at pick-your-own orchards.

The 90,000 acre land reserve is a huge producer of cool and clean air for local residents. It also protects local wildlife habitat and drinking water, making it a vital resource for the urban residents.

This reserve not only contributes to a healthy environment, but to a healthy economy as well. With thousands of employees and an output of millions of dollars into the local economy, we see a huge positive impact from the reserve.

When residents want to spend time outdoors, the Agricultural Reserve provides many recreational services such as hiking, biking, fishing, and canoeing. As a huge outdoor space, the reserve acts as the perfect playground for residents.

The people are discovering what’s going on in the Ag. Reserve or around the DC area and they want to get involved and they want to be plugged into it because they think it’s interesting.

Ag Reserve Map

As a model for other farmland reserves, the Montgomery County reserve acts as a source of pride and hope for the residents of this area. Programs across the country look up to this one as a guide for success.

In order to continue to provide for the local residents, the Ag. Reserve follows many sustainable practices that focus on maintaining productive soils, Community Supported Agriculture memberships, and other initiatives.

Other than it’s impressive scale and huge success, the reserve is known as a place for beauty and inspiration. In fact, Many local artists use this land to create beautiful works of art.

Watch our promotional video for a deeper look into the people committed to preserving this rural way of life. Get a glimpse of the beauty and inspiration that lies inherently in the Agricultural Reserve.

Ag reserve hay barrel


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