Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Film Company

Tell Your Sustainability Stories The Right Way

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You have a story to tell, and must now consider how to tell it properly. You envision a powerful video that will make an impact, and you need to find the right film company.

If your goal is to make a positive impact on your organization’s mission, you should consider many things before hiring a film company.

Why do you need film?

Video has become the #1 way to tell a compelling story today. Scenes of a destroyed city post-weather disaster or dying animals in a polluted ecosystem will immediately draw an emotional response from viewers.

While the idea seems simple, there is a calculated approach you should take to finding a company that will tell your story the right way. Heart-wrenching images are not enough for proper storytelling.

A documentary or other forms of visual content about the focus of your organization will certainly lead to positive impacts on your mission. In fact, a well-told story could raise awareness and funding, increase supporters, and further the mission’s goals.

Ask the right questions to find the right film company:

Sticky Notes: Questions for a film company

You know why you need a video production company, but the challenge is how to find one that will fit your company and your goals.

When you start your journey, you will narrow down a list of film companies that have produced quality work. Different companies will stand out to you for various reasons. Some of them have produced documentaries, while others were recommended by professionals from your community.

They all seem to be a good fit, so how do you find the best company to tell your story? You should be able to pick the right film company for your vision by answering these questions:

Do They Have Experience In Your Industry?

In order to find the right film company, find out if they have produced some video specific to your cause. A film company that has produced video with similar themes and messages will hit your target audience more efficiently.

This is especially important, if you want to frame your story in a new, appealing way. If they have not produced video that touches on your area of work, such as sustainability, then look for someone more compatible.

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Can They Meet All Your Needs?

It is helpful to know how far their scope of production extends. For example, you might need to rely on the company for writing the script, or for post-production.

So it is important to establish that this video production company can provide all the pre and post production services you require. Ask them if they are involved start to finish.

Do They Understand The Logistics?

Proper planning is needed before an agreement can be made. Address some of these issues to get a good understanding of their abilities:

  • They will need the right equipment for the environmental conditions of the project. For example, light packing, weather protection and special cameras must be considered for extreme temperatures.
  • If travel is required, they must be prepared for the challenges that come with gear, insurance, and accommodations.
  • For an international story, the ideal company has experience working internationally.
Do They Get The Story?

The marketability of your story also depends on a company that understands what your organization is trying to accomplish. The right film company will focus on your goals and make your story come to life.

The wrong video production company will produce that basic imagery of the destroyed city and the dying animals, with little depth into crisis at hand. Find a company that has worked in your field and knows how to market your story to those who need to hear it.

Telling a compelling story about an environmental crisis or a hero for sustainability efforts is not the easiest mission. With video, you can capture the hearts and minds of those who can join the mission and make your goals into accomplishments.


  1. I like your suggestion to consider if potential film companies are able to meet all of our needs. The company I work for wants to find a video production service to help us make a marketing video. I think your suggestions will be really helpful as we start looking for a production service.


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