Calvert Investments and 2041 Partner to Protect Antarctica


In March of 2016, four women from around the world were brought together in the coldest place on Earth. An expedition, called International Antarctic Expedition (IAE) 2016 was established to “encourage and inspire the next generation of leaders to take responsibility to build resilient communities and in doing so, preserve Antarctica.”

Calvert Investment sponsored four young women to join this life changing adventure. These individuals, from the US (Pine Ridge Reservation), Iran, India and Afghanistan. Adila Wahdat, Gelareh Kiazand, Avani Awasthee & Payton Marie Sierra had a unique opportunity to experience Antarctica and then to return to their communities to lead actions to protect the environment.

2041 and Calvert Investments Protect Antarctica

Environmental champion and polar explorer Robert Swan, led IAE 2016 as a part of the 2041 foundation. The organization aims to protect Antarctica by investing in people.

It is our mission to build personal leadership skills among people who choose to embrace the challenge of sustaining all forms of life – in their families, communities, organizations and the planet.

IAE 2041 Team aims to protect Antarctica

Socially responsible investing plays a large role in realizing the goals of sustainable enterprises like 2041. Calvert Investments, now acquired by Eaton Vance, has spent the last 40 years supporting companies that primarily promote social change around environmental issues. So it was to further its mission to protect Antarctica and foster positive change that Calvert Investments partnered with 2041.

Calvert focuses on finding companies that demonstrate positive leadership and create impact through their business operations and overall activities, while producing competitive investment returns.

In our video, these four women share how IAE 2016 has altered their course in life, and describe what their dreams look like as a result of this experience.


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