Success Story Of A Local Sustainability Leader


Climate activism can be a hard and depressing topic, so we want to highlight the success story of a local sustainability leader, Lori Hill who has found a way to provide solutions and bring on the smiles.

In partnership with Sister Eden Media and Mark Leisher Productions we created an 8 minute video,  “The Vacation.” It pokes fun at the stereotypes and clichés of a vegan lifestyle. Her video we produced shows more ways to live sustainably than just transitioning to a vegan diet.

Local Sustainability Leader Lori Hill

After working for years as an eco-conscious special events producer, Lori continued down the path of sustainability action by creating Sister Eden. Her company, founded in 2012, was designed to give people tips to live healthy and sustainably, while bringing a little fun into the mix.

Sister Eden is not just another lifestyle blog site – it’s a place where laughter and education can coexist. It’s easy to talk about the importance of eating a plant-based diet, but Lori aims to entertain with her green satirical How-To videos.

Local Sustainability Leader Sister Eden Lori HIll

By blending entertainment and comedy into her informational videos and blogs, Lori helps people who either want to drastically alter their lifestyle, or need quick and easy tips on maintaining their eco-conscious diet.

For more funny and practical videos, visit Sister Eden. Find sustainable tips on food choices, party hosting and special events!


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