Shell Pushes Clean Energy Mix With Advanced Biofuel Testing


Leaders must repeatedly push the boundaries within society to unlock new possibilities and find solutions to ongoing challenges. Shell Global journeyed to the technological leading edge when they sent engineer Vivek Makhija in December 2016 to test the durability of its advanced biofuels and lubricants in the most inhospitable environment in the world: Antarctica.

Shell was given the opportunity to participate on an expedition with Robert Swan and the South Pole Energy Challenge [SPEC] to asses part of their renewables portfolio for an upcoming Antarctica mission in 2017. The SPEC mission, a 600-mile trek to the South Pole on foot will help drive change in the way we use energy.

Shell pushes clean energy: Vivek with Robert Swan
Photo: Robert Swan (left) and Shell Engineer Vivek Makhija (right)

The biofuel products they tested will support the explorers with heat and transportation for their two-month journey in Antarctica.

When Shell agreed to partner with SPEC and send Makhija to test its biofules, it demonstrated its leadership and commitment to powering the future with clean energy. As Shell pushes clean energy with low-carbon products, it signals a shift in what our future looks like.

Shell pushes clean energy: Vivek and other engineers Testing Biofuels
Photo from left to right: Vivek Makhija (Shell), Ameera Mohamed Al Marzoqi (UAE), Ciara Doyle (Siemens, UK) testing advanced biofuels to heat portable stove.

Leaders not only push boundaries, but they inspire others to lead as well. Shell’s commitment to a diverse mix of energy solutions will hopefully be a catalyst for other energy companies to test their own limits.


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