Changing the World One Tree At A Time


We’ve spent plenty of time talking about the danger that carbon emissions pose to our economy, climate, and health as a nation and the world. Solutions can be found everywhere we look. One organization is making change one tree at a time.

Trees For The Future, a charitable organization, has provided solutions to lowering carbon emissions for the past 28 years. They have planted over 115 million trees worldwide, to help hundreds of communities and changed even more people’s lives.

one tree at a time - Trees For The Future Ethiopian Hillside Restoration

Dave Deppner, founder of TFTF, explains how his organization works with the community and their farmers, to create a sustainable agriculture model that will allow trees and biodiversity to flourish. Our video highlights one such community in Ethiopia, where TFTF was able to help revitalize a horribly degraded farmland region.

This process of reforestation, called assisted natural regeneration, not only helps to revitalize the land and increase agricultural yields, but increases carbon sequestration. Carbon sequestration captures and stores atmospheric carbon dioxide long-term, which slows the effects of climate change.

one tree at a time - Trees For The Future

The efforts of this reforestation process has built the resilience of many rural areas in Ethiopia, where drought and famine are at high rate. Deppner has since passed away, buthis legacy grows with each tree that is planted by his organization.

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