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In our video, Honest Tea’s co-founder Seth Goldman explains his company’s mission – to make a healthy, delicious beverage for it’s customers and to connect people to nature, by using organic and fair trade ingredients. Sure, this seems like a good mission, but a deeper look shows this company truly stands by its name by highlighting the importance of a transparent business.

Honest tea Puts Integrity First
Honest Tea’s co-founder, Seth Goldman, talking about ingredients.

So, how do they put the “Honest” in “Honest Tea”?

A simple look at their website mission, and you’ll see some words like “organic” and “fair trade”. From a consumer standpoint, these things look very enticing. But check out the annual mission reports and you will find their honesty goes much deeper.

These reports are easy for customers to find, and they date all the way back to 2010. These reports detail emissions, packaging usage, feedback from customers (both negative and positive) and where they source their ingredients. They even compare their operations to when the company first started, to show how much they’ve improved.the importance of a transparent businessIn the latest report, the company excitedly announces it has “transitioned the sugar in our bottled PET (plastic) line over to Fair Trade Certified™, thereby completing the process of switching all of the organic sugar across our product lines to Fair Trade, organic sugar.”

These reports openly talk about their plastic usage and operations that might concern environmentalists and people who enjoy organic and fair trade products. This open discourse allows people to clearly see the company, and to make informed consumer choices.

What is the importance of a transparent business?

The importance of a transparent business has become a big factor in consumer choice and feedback in today’s market. While this concept might seem a little “too open,” research shows that consumers want to make social change through their purchases. A transparent company is an accountable company.
 the importance of a transparent business
By taking responsibility for it’s environmental footprint, a company can also be open about how they are going to make positive changes. Transparency not only allows you to talk about the “negative impacts,” but it can create a platform for how you plan to address these issues.
It’s clear that Honest Tea strives to be an accountable business, and many companies in the food and clothing industry are following it’s lead.
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