Project Antarctica: Documenting the Battle Against Climate Change

Imagine that you, as an individual, has the power to change the world. It’s not imagination. You can. Project Antarctica is an ongoing untitled documentary Media4Green is producing, which follows famous polar explorer and unsung hero Robert Swan as he inspires our younger generation to become thought leaders and innovators for the environment.

As the only person to ever trek to the north and south poles, Rob has dedicated his life to preserving the Antarctic from ground zero, but more importantly, to inspire youngsters to believe that it is in their power to make a difference. Bringing groups of individuals from all over the globe together in Antarctica, teams work together to tackle the greatest environmental issues of our lifetime and future generations.

Climate change can seem daunting and so foreboding that many people have the attitude that “there’s nothing we can do” or “I’m just one person“. With this unique and personal story, we aim to tell the ongoing story of Robert Swan’s work, and passing the “frozen torch” to his son Barney Swan. The two of them will be trekking 600 miles from Union Glacier base camp, to the South pole, only surviving on renewable technologies. It’s never been done before. And it’s all to prove that if renewable technology can work in our planet’s harshest environment with two individuals, it can work anywhere.

In March and December of 2016, Media4Green accompanied Rob Swan on two expeditions to film the preparations for this grueling mission and the testing of innovative sustainable technology from companies like Siemens, Nasa, Shell, and more. The documentary is currently in pre-production stages and this page will be the staging ground where we will post updates as it progresses. Follow our updates on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date!

80º South Antarctica: Teaser 1

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80º South Antarctica: Teaser 1

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