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Keeping the Potomac, The Politics of Water

“More than six million people live in the Potomac Watershed. Whether they know it or not, some of the very infrastructure that supports their modern lifestyle is poisoning the Potomac River.” Keeping the Potomac: The Politics of Water tells the stories of Mark Frondorf, Brent Walls, and Dean Najouks; who are dedicating their lives to protecting the river from polluters....

The Importance of a Transparent Business | Honest Tea’s Mission

the importance of a transparent businessvideo
In our video, Honest Tea's co-founder Seth Goldman explains his company's mission - to make a healthy, delicious beverage for it's customers and to connect people to nature, by using organic and fair trade ingredients. Sure, this seems like a good mission, but a deeper look shows this company truly stands by its name by highlighting the importance of a...

Changing the World One Tree At A Time

We’ve spent plenty of time talking about the danger that carbon emissions pose to our economy, climate, and health as a nation and the world. Solutions can be found everywhere we look. One organization is making change one tree at a time. Trees For The Future, a charitable organization, has provided solutions to lowering carbon emissions for the past 28...

The Sustainable Entrepreneur – The Key to Business Success

Sustainable Entrepreneur
What consumes entrepreneurs? Bottom line? Employee well-being? Customer acquisition? Environmental impacts of their operations? Brand and reputation? The answer most likely is yes, at least to some degree, to all of the above. Entrepreneurs are blessed and cursed with thinking about their businesses 24 hours a day. It becomes their life focus. A successful entrepreneur is one who strives for many diverse...

Shell Pushes Clean Energy Mix With Advanced Biofuel Testing

Leaders must repeatedly push the boundaries within society to unlock new possibilities and find solutions to ongoing challenges. Shell Global journeyed to the technological leading edge when they sent engineer Vivek Makhija in December 2016 to test the durability of its advanced biofuels and lubricants in the most inhospitable environment in the world: Antarctica. Shell was given the opportunity to participate...

Success Story Of A Local Sustainability Leader

Climate activism can be a hard and depressing topic, so we want to highlight the success story of a local sustainability leader, Lori Hill who has found a way to provide solutions and bring on the smiles. In partnership with Sister Eden Media and Mark Leisher Productions we created an 8 minute video,  “The Vacation.” It pokes fun at the...

Calvert Investments and 2041 Partner to Protect Antarctica

In March of 2016, four women from around the world were brought together in the coldest place on Earth. An expedition, called International Antarctic Expedition (IAE) 2016 was established to “encourage and inspire the next generation of leaders to take responsibility to build resilient communities and in doing so, preserve Antarctica.” Calvert Investment sponsored four young women to join this life changing...

An Unfolding Story On Climate Action

On April 29, The People’s Climate March took place in cities around the world. 200,000 people marched through the streets of DC starting at the Capitol and circling the White House. It was an historic event with an important message for today’s leaders: Stay engaged with the global community on Climate Change. On June 1, President Trump ignored the American people...

Top Reasons We Need To Support Climate Action Right Now (And How To Make a Change)

Build to prevent climate change
Climate Change is a hot topic nowadays. This past weekend in Washington, D.C., during record-breaking temperature, tens of thousands marched at the People’s Climate March. On April 22, Earth Day, the March for Science also took place in Washington, D.C. to defend the role science plays in health, the economy and governments. Both had parallel marches in cities around the world. People are standing up...

Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Film Company

Open book the right film company
You have a story to tell, and must now consider how to tell it properly. You envision a powerful video that will make an impact, and you need to find the right film company. If your goal is to make a positive impact on your organization's mission, you should consider many things before hiring a film company. Why do you need film? Video...


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