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Agriculture in the DC Metro Area: Maryland’s Agricultural Reserve

It’s a rarity for a very highly populated urban environment to have 90,000 acres of open terrain where … we can see what the future holds in that In 2011, Mark Leisher Productions produced a promotional video and supplied all the content for a 30-minute documentary that takes us inside the Montgomery County, Maryland Agricultural Reserve. This farmland reserve has...

Using Omni VR Technology To Showcase the Heroes of Antarctica

Click the screen and drag around to view video in 360. In December of 2016, Director / Cinematographer Mark Leisher flew to Union Glacier, Antarctica with his Omni VR (Virtual Reality) system. This expedition was not the first time VR was brought to Antarctica to capture the intense beauty of this frozen region, but it is very special for two reasons. What...

How To Be A Champion In The Water War

What is the most important resource on our planet, and one that many people don’t have easy access to? Water — vital to the survival of our planet as well as the human race. Walk For Water is the biggest walkathon in India and over a million citizens, politicians, and students are going to participate. This civil society group is dedicated...

How To Convince Someone That Climate Change Is The Biggest Problem Of Our Time

Al gore speaking at the climate reality leadership conference
On March 2-4, 2017, the co-founder of Media4Green Dave Feldman attended the Climate Reality Project Leadership conference in Denver, Colorado. He became a certified Climate Reality Trainer along with his partner and co-founder, Mark Leisher. Read about his experience and what he learned at this Climate Change training event, hosted by Al Gore. In 2006, Vice President Al Gore filmed...

80º South Antarctica: Teaser 1

Here is the first teaser trailer for a documentary that Media4Green is producing about the battle being waged against climate change in Antarctica.

The Great Potomac River

"...this feeling like, can life get any better than this?" Media4Green presents the a feature for the Great Potomac River near Washington DC, a 405 mile river that flows along the mid-atlantic coast and to the Chesapeake Bay. The Potomac River and Great Falls National Park splits Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia and is nicknamed "The Nation's River" for being an...

Unsung Heroes: Interview with Barney Swan

Photo of Barney Swan, son of Robert Swan Antarctic explorer.video
"Engage. Motivate. Awaken. Activate." Here is an interview produced by Media4Green with Barney Swan, son of polar explorer Robert Swan. Barney will be passed the the figurative frozen torch to take over the mission to protect the Antarctic and conservation efforts that his father has championed for decades. In 2017, Barney and Robert will be taking on an important and potentially perilous...

A Plastic Waste Planet: Why we MUST Cut Plastics Out of our Lives to Save Our Environment.

Photo of an over-flowing trashcan with plastic bottles spilling onto the ground covered in graffiti.
When plastics were first invented, it was revolutionary. Now, plastic waste is one of the most destructive elements on our planet. It is strangling the environment and contributing to lifeforms and species dying off globally. Let's dive a little bit into the history of plastics... After its discovery, the world became obsessed with plastic. It could replace ceramics that would shatter when...

First Look: IAE 80º South Antarctica Expedition

Photo of Antarctica snow carving for the 2016 IAE 80º South Expedition to Antarctica photographed and filmed by Mark Leisher of Media4Green and sponsored by Calvert Investments.
The IAE 80º South Expedition has Finished! Return from Antarctica After a week long expedition to Antarctica exploring and testing renewable energy technology, the IAE 80º South team has returned. Robert and Barney Swan of 2041 ClimateForce, who will embark on a 600-mile journey from base camp to the South Pole in 2017 using this technology to survive the journey,...

Antarctic Expedition: Equipment and Challenges.

How do you prepare to document a journey in one of the most unpredictable and inhospitable environments on the planet? Mark Leisher, co-founder of Media4Green, embarked to Antarctica as a member of the IAE 80º South on December 4th to document this expedition. The team of adventurers and researchers are currently exploring that untouched landscape and tasked with putting the amazing...


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