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Before the Antarctic Expedition: Interview with the Co-Founder of Media4Green.

Photo of Media4Green co-founder Mark Leisher and the Antarctic Logistics and IAE 80º South Expedition team prepared for Antarctica.
Mark Leisher, Co-founder of Media4Green has officially embarked on the IAE 80º South expedition to the Antarctic. On December 4th when the plane touches down on Union Glacier, Mark and the IAE 80º South team will begin exploring the ice continent while helping Robert and Barney Swan test the renewable technologies from NASA and leaders in environmental tech. These...

Media4Green and IAE 80 South Travel to Antarctica to Tackle Climate Change.

Photo of Mark Leisher of Media4Green and Mark Leisher Productions standing at Union Glacier in Antarctica looking over blue ice Glaciers.
Imagine the world’s largest, windiest, and driest desert — with wind chills reaching averages of −80 °C (−128 °F) even in 24 hours of sunlight, and a landscape that appears to be made up entirely of shimmering diamonds. This is Antarctica. The last unconquered and unclaimed bastion of the natural world spanning 14,000,000 square kilometres (5,400,000 square miles). Now try to imagine...

Passing the Frozen Torch: Robert Swan and his Mission.

Photo of Robert Swan and IAE 80 South expeditions to Antarctica. Here, he helps guests up mountains.
The Climate is more important than ever and one of its greatest champions is readying to pass the “frozen” torch to his son. Robert Swan OBE was the first person to have walked to both North and South Poles. It impacted him so much that he has dedicated his life to the conservation of Antarctica and the advancing sustainability...

Back from the EMA Awards!

Media 4 Green’s co-founders and environmental content producers, Mark Leisher and Dave Feldman, rolled up to the “green carpet” in Burbank, California to attend the 26th Environmental Media Association (EMA) Awards at Warner Bros Studios last week. The EMA Awards is the only function that is dedicated to the celebration of the entertainment industry’s environmental endeavors, and has been...

Fighting Climate Change with Calvert Investments

Robert and Barney Swan Calvert Flag (1 of 1)
In a recent case study on Calvert Investments, Mark Leisher Productions (our sister company) went a little bit into their belief in socially responsible investing. SRI can also be called sustainable, socially conscious, green, or ethical investing, and Wikipedia explains that it applies to “any investment strategy which seeks to consider both financial return and social good.” Calvert has an especially...

Environmental Filmmaking – Interview with Mark Leisher, Co-Founder of Media4Green

A photo of Mark Leisher, Media4Green co-founder and filmmaker in the DMV and Washington DC Area.
From owning a car detailing business in California, to filmmaker and environmental media leader. Mark Leisher, co-founder of Media4Green, fell in love with cinematography during a snowboarding expedition, but it was subsequent trips around the world to countries like Ethiopia and Haiti that the desire to use his filmmaking skills for cultural betterment and the environment was born. After years of creating...


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