Photo headshot of Mark Leisher, co-founder of Mark Leisher Productions and Media4Green

FUN FACT: Mark Leisher is a bit of an adrenaline junky and spent 10 years traveling around the world filming extreme sports. During a road trip around the US in an RV with his trusty pup Zero, he had an epiphany. One night sitting by a fire beneath the grandeur of Colorado Rockies sipping coffee (maybe whiskey), he was struck by the desire to use his filmmaking passion to save that very natural beauty he was currently surrounded by. That’s when the idea of Media4Green was born.

Director, Producer, and Director of Photography and Cinematography

Mark has 15 years of video and film production experience including numerous credits in network commercials, feature films, music productions, reality TV programming, and corporate videos for Fortune 500 companies. Mark has freelanced with all the major networks both as an independent cinematographer and as a producer for television series and documentary films. 

Mark was a pioneer in HDTV starting back in 2003 and has helped evolve key solutions and strategies to aid his clients in communicating their message through the ever-evolving worlds of electronic media.

Mark has been running a production  & digital marketing company for the past 7 years in Bethesda, MD, in the suburbs of Washington DC. Mark Leisher Productions (MLP) handles all aspects of visual content production, pre production, production, post production and delivery. MLP prides itself on our fresh and innovative outlook on everything from how we film to how we do business.

In 2016 Mark co–founded Media4Green (M4G) creates, produces and distributes innovative, high-quality videos that tell compelling stories and address society’s biggest challenges. M4G strives to provide hope and inspiration, and creative ideas and solutions to individuals, businesses, NGO’s and media channels.

Mark is skilled in climbing, mountaineering, repelling, kayaking, mountain & road biking, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and skiing. 

Mark is a certified drone (UAV) pilot and owns & operates several camera systems.