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Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Film Company

You have a story to tell, and must now consider how to tell it properly. You envision a powerful video that will make an impact,...

Using Omni VR Technology To Showcase the Heroes of Antarctica

Click the screen and drag around to view video in 360. In December of 2016, Director / Cinematographer Mark Leisher flew to Union Glacier, Antarctica...

80º South Antarctica: Teaser 1

Here is the first teaser trailer for a documentary that Media4Green is producing about the battle being waged against climate change in Antarctica.

The Great Potomac River

"...this feeling like, can life get any better than this?" Media4Green presents the a feature for the Great Potomac River near Washington DC, a 405 mile...

Unsung Heroes: Interview with Barney Swan

"Engage. Motivate. Awaken. Activate." Here is an interview produced by Media4Green with Barney Swan, son of polar explorer Robert Swan. Barney will be passed the the...


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